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05 April 2013 @ 08:07 pm
Originally posted by twilight_rush at homecoming
Title: homecoming
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom: Percy Jackson & The Olympians
Summary: Connor meets Katie's dad for the first time.
Pairing: Connor Stoll/Katie Gardner
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns PJ&O.
Note: Inspired by this RP where Connor spent Easter with Katie's family ~ mediate89

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02 April 2013 @ 11:50 am
Funny story. My mom had her tooth surgically extracted yesterday, so I was obligated to come along as the driver. While I was sitting in the waiting area reading my book, this older woman with thick glasses walked up to me.

Woman: I've got something for you.

Me: .....

Woman: There's a box out in my car. Do you want to carry it to your car? It's got all your presents and stuff in it.

Me: Um...

Woman: How long has he been in there?

Me: I...don't know who you're talking about...

Woman: Oh! You're not who I thought you were! Oh gosh, you must think I'm crazy.

Me: No, no! Not at all...

Turns out she was in the wrong part of the building. In retrospect, I probably should've been all over that box of presents. Oh well.
29 March 2013 @ 09:23 pm
My birthday is exactly one month from now - April 29th. Every year since I can remember, I've always made a big deal about it. I've always been really big into having a party and a cake, and I've always counted down the days. I like to throw other people parties too. My mom's birthday, my sister's, grandma's, cousin's...I always make sure they have a celebration. I work really hard at it sometimes. I feel like my efforts aren't appreciated though. Sometimes I think that I'm the only one who really cares about making birthdays and holidays special. I feel like I have to extract acknowledgment out of my family when my birthday comes around anymore. Yeah, I'm getting older...but why should that matter? I always make a big deal for them. So this year, I'm not going to say anything. I'm not going to count down the days. I'm not going to help plan a party. I'm not going to remind anybody. I want to see what happens.

28 March 2013 @ 08:48 pm
Originally posted by twilight_rush at you know what i mean
Title: you know what i mean
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom: Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Summary: He was Hermes’s son, not some savvy Apollo kid.)
Pairing: Connor Stoll/Katie Gardner
Rated: G
Disclaimer: Rick RIordan owns PJ&O, blahblahblah
Note: This pairing has taken over my life.

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28 March 2013 @ 05:53 pm
Originally posted by twilight_rush at the sun was high
Title: the sun was high
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom: Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Summary: You wake up in a bed not your own.
Pairing: Connor Stoll/Katie Gardner
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns PJ&O.
Note: Okay, I'm just going to dedicate this and all future Connor/Katie fics to mediate89 because SHE GOT ME HOOKED
Note #2: Told in second person (Katie's).
Recommended Music: Whatever You Want by Alexandra Hope

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24 March 2013 @ 10:14 pm
Originally posted by twilight_rush at your kisses (waste them on me)
Title: your kisses (waste them on me)
Author: twilight_rush
Fandom Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Summary Maybe he was just a natural at it.
Rated G could've been PG
Disclaimer: PJO belongs to Rick Riordan
Note Inspired by this RP I'm doing where Connor and Katie are beginning to date. It's really amusing actually.

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27 February 2013 @ 08:30 pm
Today, the veterinary director at my school told us that the college is going to start paying for us to take the $300 VTNE (veterinary technician national examination) after we graduate. They're only paying for the first attempt though, and we need to take it in the next available testing window after we graduate. Which is just fine, since I'll be graduating in July and the next testing quarter opens up in November. Plenty of time to study. So...yay~

I can't believe I've only got two more classes left. Next month is surgery/anesthesia and then after that we'll be studying large animal medicine. I'm still kind of nervous about assisting in surgery, but we'll only be doing surgeries one day a week. The school spays and neuters for the local humane society. I think it's a cool exchange - we get animals to use for learning and the animals get a free spay/neuter. After I'm finished with classes I have three months of internships, and then it's study, study, study for the board exam. Hopefully by Christmas I'll be a registered veterinary technician and working at a clinic or an animal hospital. My school is really good about job placement after graduation, so I'm pretty optimistic.

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31 January 2013 @ 08:27 am
I brought my cat, Max, to school yesterday for more radiographs. I also wanted the program director/DVM (vet) to listen to his heart and see if he could hear the murmur Max's regular vet said she could hear. He was able to find it, but he said it's very focal, meaning that it's only in one section, and he had trouble finding it again after he moved the stethoscope. I got to hear it too, and it is very faint, so that's good. He took a look at the thoracic radiographs my classmates and I took and said that nothing about Max's heart seemed obviously wrong. He said his lungs look great. Here's a picture I snapped while I was waiting for him to come back to the lab.

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Also, I made cake pops! Again. This is my second try, and I think they look better this time. I used red velvet cake instead of white, which is also an improvement, in my opinion. Everyone is going wild over them, asking how I make them, saying that they want to try, etc. So next time I'm either going to film the process or take pictures of each step and post a tutorial, because I can't get over how incredibly easy it is to make them.

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20 January 2013 @ 07:35 pm
This is basically an I-need-an-excuse-not-to-study post.

My radiology class is not going well. I'm not failing or anything but it has a tendency to be extremely boring (especially when it comes to studying for tests and quizzes) and the teacher is a very harsh grader. Nit-picky to the max, I'm telling you. It's so incredibly annoying. Taking the actual radiographs and developing the film in the darkroom is kind of fun, on the bright side. I got to bring my cat in for a thoracic radiograph last week because my veterinarian seems to think he's developed a heart murmur. We got a good shot of his heart and the veterinarian/program director at my school is going to take a look at it next time I have class and check for abnormalities. That's one major advantage of studying veterinary technology- free diagnostic testing!

In other somewhat boring news, I'm growing my hair out. I don't even know why. For years I would start to go nuts if it grew very far past my shoulders. It's already starting to bug me now, but I'm thinking that with some new layering (isn't there a such thing as long hair layers?) I'll feel comfortable leaving it down more often. I'm growing my nails out too, or attempting to at least. I've been a nail-biter all my life, but I figure since I won a free spa day (manicure, massage, facial, etc.) I might as well make it worth it and give them something to work with.

As far as life in general goes, I still have no days off and absolutely no social life outside of work and school. I'm glad I get along well with my classmates and my coworkers because they're my only friends right now. Being the Percy Jackson nerd that I am (always and forever) I'm still very involved with the role play I created on Facebook. I play with some fabulous people who make it a ton of fun. One of the characters I play is Katie Gardner. She and Connor Stoll have just begun an unlikely relationship and its totally sarcastic and adorable. So I guess that even though I'm too busy/stressed to go out and meet people and have fun, at least I get to pretend to be someone who does? That's my therapy.

Speaking of PJO, I still have yet to see Perks of Being a Wallflower, featuring my man Logan Lerman. For some reason it was only playing in major cities in Ohio, like Columbus and Cleveland, and both places are an hour or more away. It's at the top of my list of upcoming cool stuff being released though. Here is the list as follows (don't judge):

Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD - January 23
Breaking Dawn 2 DVD (I haven't seen it yet) - March 2
Rise of the Guardians DVD - March 15
Clockwork Princess - March 19
The Host - March 29

I wish Catching Fire was coming out in March like The Hunger Games did last yer, but alas, I have to wait several more months before that appears.

And I think I've rambled quite long enough. I don't feel like going back to studying after this entry is posted, so I'll probably go downstairs, make myself a cup of tea and watch Disney Channel with my mom for the rest of the night. Yay, my exciting life.

15 January 2013 @ 09:57 am
1. Your favorite music genre right now?
I enjoy most of the songs they play on the radio. I've never committed to any one specific genre.

2. Your top 4 favorite shows?
Um...Family Guy, American Dad, Friends and Full House?

3. What are your interests?
Dreaming, daydreaming, photography, baking/caking, antiques/history/museums, online role playing, cats, reading, etc.

4. Your favorite ships at the moment?
Percy/Annabeth, Blaire/Prosper, Sean/Puck, Cole/Isabel, Ron/Hermione

5. The most recent dream you had
One of my former coworkers was driving and she bent down to pick an apple off the floor, just to see if her car would drive straight by itself in the process, and crashed.

6. Your favorite drink?

7. Any pet peeves?
- Texting and driving.
- People who think that gender equality/women's rights means that women are better than men. - People who try to force gender neutrality on children and don't realize that that's the exact same thing as trying to force gender stereotypes.
- People who are stupid as shit about their animals.

8. Subjects you liked in school?
English, Art, World History

9. Dream jobs
Not having one. Being rich and spending all of my time traveling and doing other things I like to do.